I built TimeStamp Keyboard after working in TV for 13 years, producing docu-reality shows like Laws of Jaws, Storm Chasers, and Yukon Men.

These days, I split my time between exploring software distribution and 'showrunning' media projects. If you're interested in helping out, or just want to get acquainted, reach out! I'd love to hear from you.
Work Overview
I started working at MTV as a production assistant after attending Villanova, and went on to become a post-production story producer and a one-man-band shooter/producer for classics like 'Two-A-Days' and 'Teen Mom'.

I then shifted towards science, adventure, and law enforcement shows, strapping on a bulletproof vest for 'Manhunters' and 'The First 48' on A&E before donning a hail-proof helmet as a senior field producer on 'Stormchasers'. After that, I directed 'Dual Survival' in the most extreme environments around the globe.

After serving as senior story producer on 'Yukon Men', I moved up to executive producer & showrunner, steering the ship of 'Yukon Men' for two seasons. Since then, I've ran shows for Animal Planet, Science Channel, and NatGeo Wild.

In the last couple of years, I've switched from running series to selling shows and producing high-concept specials - mostly for Shark Week!
Pitch Creation
International Fixing
Workflow Optimization
I've always aimed for efficiency in media production, and I've been an early adopter of any tool that promised to make the job easier.

Over the years, I've created extravagant systems in Google's suite of tools. These systems have worked well, but I always wanted to take a concept a bit further, so I ended up taking time away from TV to learn how to code.

I decided the best way to learn is just to do it, so I tried to keep it easy by making a 'simple little keyboard' with a clock in it. Fast forward a thousand headaches and a few Udemy courses and a very ugly version of TimeStamp Keyboard was born.

After working hard on UX/UI Design in Sketch/Figma, and joining forces with someone who actually codes for a living, TimeStamp has been completely rebuilt from the inside out and is now gaining functionality. Now, we're setting our sites on the future.
Web Design
UX/UI Design
Graphic Design
App Store Optimization