TimeStamp Keyboard
Privacy Policy

What you type is your business. To keep the keyboard free of bugs, we need your help - and permission.

We appreciate you taking the time to look this over. We spent time writing it!

Many apps out today monitor what you tap and when. We can only speak for development teams that we know, but this monitoring is usually to create a better experience and, very importantly, to squash bugs.

With a full app, you don't even know this is happening. With a third-party keyboard, developers need to ask users to turn on "Full Access".

If you've installed a third-party keyboard before, you've probably noticed two things:
1) They can be buggy...even Google's wondrous "G-Board".
2) When asked to turn on "Full Access", you've seen a scary message from iOS, saying that this keyboard could be able to “transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard.”. It also says that the keyboard could potentially steal your bank information!

We've never asked for Full Access before. However, with every new iOS update, our users have alerted us to new, unpredictable bugs cropping up. We'd like to be able to stay ahead of these bugs by adding what's called "crash reporting" to the keyboard. That will require Full Access.

We won't disable any features of TimeStamp Keyboard if you don't allow Full Access. However, we do ask you to please enable it so that we can continue to improve the keyboard. If you are still uncomfortable, don't turn on Full Access, but please send us a detailed email if you're experiencing problems. You can do this right through the "Feedback" section in the app. As an aside, we're very thankful to those users in the past who have taken the time to let us know of any issues, allowing us to fix them (quickly!).

Timestamp Keyboard does not collect any personal information or transmit such information to a server or third party. As we do not collect any personal information, your personal information is safe will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have consented explicitly to such a disclosure, or where there is a legal requirement for this to happen.

Policy ChangesAny changes to this policy will be posted to an update of the App. You are advised to regularly view our most recent privacy policy.

Wrapping up, we would advise you to not type anything sensitive with a keyboard other than Apple's, and please let us know if this has answered any questions for you!

The TimeStamp Team