Quickly record what happened
and when, in any app you like.

With a live-counting clock and up to 64 text shortcuts, TimeStamp Keyboard allows you to keep your mind on the task at hand while creating the most accurate logs
you've ever had.

Why use a logging tool?

iOS Keyboard - 113 taps in 55 seconds
TimeStamp Keyboard - 7 taps in 4 seconds
How efficient is your logging?

Use old apps in new ways with TimeStamp Keyboard.

  • Turn DayOne into a simple time tracker.
  • Stamp times in Excel, which formulas act on.
  • Name files using your current date format.
  • Or, use your shortcuts to save some hashtags!

Use Cases &

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Dave P.
Time-Journaling Ease
I've been looking for a date/time stamp app to use with Evernote for a long time. It's now very easy to time stamp (12:13 PM) my journal entries during the day and to date stamp items on my to-doo list! Thanks and keep up the good work!
Gordon J
I like add notes to a journal, and attach a date to whatever I write. Strange that iOS doesn’t have a shortcut for this when my old Palm Pilot did! TimeStamp gives me that shortcut and several other features I didn't even know I wanted!
Kelly M.
I recently downloaded your app and it’s changed my life as a field producer. I was doubly-surprised when it came in handy during our sound mix, too! My audio engineer and I thank you!
Sherry P.
Pod work on the go!
I am using it for producing and editing a podcast. I’ve really tried to make my set up as mobile as possible, as sometimes I have time in weird places and I almost always have my phone iPad and ear buds with me. So why not use it to be productive!
Terrance R.
Simple & Brilliant!
UX Designers & Researchers are in dire need of a solid logging tool, especially one that can work ubiquitously within any note-taking app that we want! That is why I thought it was such a GENIUS move to take advantage of iOS’s 3rd party keyboards!
Wendy P.
Multi-Use Tool!
I’m. a college student and we use TimeStamp during lab days to log observations. But it’s also helpful when recording a lecture to point out the important sections! Thanks very much!
Jim O.
Simple Timecards
My employees use excel for their time cards on iPhones/iPads. They clock in and out a lot throughout the day and we go off quarter hours for billing purposes. We are going to start using this app, after a few ppl tested it out. Thank you!!
Kyle F.
Lawncare Business
I use it for my lawncare and snow removal routes. Taking the time to write down dates, times, services, used resources, etc. takes a lot of time. But your app has helped tremendously in cutting down time writing everything down.
Regina H.
Peace of Mind
Do you realize that every time you see a doctor they ask you when did your symptoms start? Now I can just make a note and timestamp each event, and feel confident that I'm giving the doctor the information that she needs. Thank you very much.
Donna J.
I need to log symptoms for my doctor when they are happening. All the symptom logging apps out there have too many bells & whistles and a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want. I'm so happy I stumbled across your app - thank you, thank you, thank you!


Additional Features

Customize Formats

Use our default date and time formats, or make your own.

Siri Dictation Support

Dictation works with TimeStamp and your X model iPhone.

Gorgeous Dark Mode

For all those using TimeStamp for detailed sleep tracking.

Stopwatch+ Mode (coming soon)

By popular demand from all our podcasters.