Media Workflow Assessment

Analysis & Optimization

Whether you're a startup focused on video content creation, or if you're a company that wishes to leverage the SEO advantages of video, the initial and ongoing challenge is how to manage your workflow. In the ever-shifting worlds of codecs and connection speeds, we're here to help remove the obstacles in your path.

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Video Project Advisement

Digital & Long-Form

A staggering 82% of all video projects for hire go over time and budget, mostly due to the fact that scope-of-work and deliverables are not defined before record is pressed. We can step in and communicate effectively with all parties to lend a guiding hand to projects that veer off-course.

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Team Organization & Onboarding

Audit & Migration

The developments in team communication software in the past 5 years have been impressive, saving time, money, and headaches. But which can span the gap of both field and post production? We'll ask your goals, get you acquainted with some of the options on the market, and create a plan to quickly onboard your entire team.

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